Mark Hardiek – Employee Benefits Expert

ASML works with highly qualified staff. It takes approximately four years to train someone to be a Customer Service Engineer. When there is a period with less pressure, it is not desirable to let people go who are just two years into the training. Therefore ASML works with variable working hours. If there are fewer assignments, the staff works a minimum of 34 hours per week. At busy times, the working hours go up to 45 hours per week. The hours are recorded in the so-called Hour Bank at ASML.

Softbrick has automated the entire process around the registration of hours. The system works in accordance with the applicable collective labor agreements for ASML, the laws and regulations and interfaces have been realized with SAP, HR and the payroll system euHReka of Northgate Arinso (NGA).

Mark Hardiek says: “Employees register their hours in different ways. There are Kaba terminals for time registration at our locations, where the employees have to clock in and out. The restructuring of hours can also be done through the computer with the Softbrick software and through Softbrick’s Employee Self-Service.”

An employee saves his/her extra hours in the Hour Bank. It’s a very complicated process that requires a lot of flexibility from our staff. It is difficult for employees to accept the system if they have to work more hours than normal, so there should be some reward for it. Together with Softbrick, they developed a kind of eBay of services, so employees can exchange shifts. An executive can monitor whether there is enough capacity and make adjustments, where necessary.

ASML now has a highly flexible Workforce Management system in which Employee Self-Service plays an increasingly important role. As one of the pioneer companies in this field, ASML now offers much more than just time registration.

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