Game Mania

CLIENT: Game Mania
Joris Onderstal – HR Manager

Reduction in personnel management at Game Mania plays an important role in the staff planning. “We have to work with different crowds and amounts of visitors, such as on Saturday afternoons, during major game releases, and around the holidays. The commitment of staff at the right hours and having a flexible workforce is crucial.”

Game Mania has chosen the SaaS solution by Softbrick. The SaaS environment is running on a server in a secure data center. As a result, Game Mania is always certain about the server’s availability. With SaaS they don’t have to worry about the system anymore because Softbrick takes care of everything and helps keep the application up-to-date.

“The commitment of hours and good monitoring of the labor costs are important themes in our stores. Previously, shop managers and HR spent a lot of time making a good workforce planning, checking all the worked hours and registering absences. Thanks to Softbrick, this process is fully automated and because of this we don’t lose as much time as before. This allows us to give the customer more attention.”

With Softbrick WFM Game Mania has insight into how many hours the shop manager can use to have a proper occupation each week. Softbrick WFM is linked to the salary package, so the hours are directly pushed towards the payroll processor. Maximum efficiency!

Joris: “As an HR manager I believe in a network structure, the expertise is outsourced to external parties. We have a lot to do with administrative processes such as human resources, payroll and timesheets in the HR department. By outsourcing and automating these processes as much as possible, we have more time and space for strategic issues. Because of the speed of technological developments, I expect that this trend will continue in various areas. This is also the reason why we chose the software in an SaaS solution.”

For many organizations and retailers Strategic Workforce planning will play an important role over the next few years. “A good supporting system is indispensable” says Joris.

“Softbrick has a lot of experience and knowledge in the retail sector. They provide customer-specific adaptations, flexibility and support. They also provide training during the implementation and the support department responds quick and effectively if we have any questions.”

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