Poiesz Supermarkets

CLIENT: Poiesz Supermarkets
Nico Visser, Manager Planning and Company Office

The distribution center of Poiesz is an around-the-clock operation. Several times daily the freight carriages supply 60 shops. For years they have been planning using Softbrick WFM in the stores and in the distribution center. To lose no capacity in the distribution, they now prefer to further fine tune their planning in the current week.

In consultation with a number of other customers, Softbrick set up a User Group for Logistics. In these meetings, we have discussed all the customers’ needs. Together with the customers, Softbrick implemented alongside the standard weekly schedule an additional schedule that can be adjusted on the day itself. Poiesz uses this solution, which is known as Intra-Day Scheduling (Day Planning). The weekly schedule remains, but there is now an additional option to divide the day into four block and adapt it based on the input from different planning systems.

If the WMS system reports that the numbers of packages are not being reached within a department, they are able to put more staff to work. Nico Visser: “If we know that the weather will be particularly nice, then we also know that the demand for ice cream and products for the barbeque will increase. Based on this information, we ensure that we deploy more staff to certain departments in the distribution center.”

Nico Visser says: “All trucks are equipped with an onboard computer. When a truck is delayed, we can adjust the schedule based on that information.”

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