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Do time registration sheets go missing? Do you have complex spreadsheets and manual input of the hours without a link to salary packages? With Softbrick this will be all be taken care of!

Flexible hour recording software
Time & Attendance is a flexible and sophisticated software solution for time and leave recording.

Insight in Time
The time recording software registers employees’ presence and absence, worked time, sickness, leave, overtime and allowances. The system is set up in accordance with the applicable collective labor agreements and legislation, so the data are directly ready for the compensation process. Softbrick can interface with every (online) staff information or package, and this will save you a lot of time.

Employee Self-Service
Employees can register the time registration themselves with the Employee Self-Service solution from Softbrick. This way the employee will get a better overview of work hours, schedules and leave balance and for the managers the workload is reduced on HR.

Retail, Hospitality, Industry, Logistics, softklok, Tijdregistratie

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